Easter with the Kids in Shakespeare’s Warwickshire

Easter with the kids in Shakespeare’s Warwickshire

Easter, Kids will enjoy exploring Shakespeare’s countryside. It really is a lovely time to come and stay with us in Warwickshire and a special place for children to learn and enjoy the countryside.

The towns of Stratford upon Avon and Warwick are busy but not bustling so it is a great time to enjoy these historic towns, where you can easily explore at your own leisure.

The countryside is bursting with new life, the trees and bushes have new bright green buds and the birds and the animals are having babies. In the village we have numerous famers with new born lambs. It is such a joy to see lambs playing and interacting with one another. If you would like to get close to baby animals and baby goats (kids) I recommend visiting Hatton Countryworld. This is a superb place to visit especially with children.

The farm is also bursting into life. With longer and warmer weather the soil starts to warm and the young seedlings planted in the winter start to grow. We feed with a fertiliser or top dressing to help give them a much needed boost. It is also the time of year to plant spring crops. The ground needs to be prepared and then planted with seeds. This year we intend to grow some spring barley which is used to make beer and spring field beans which is used to feed animals on other farms through the winter.

Most gardens at this time of year are looking very vibrant and fresh. The bushes and shrubs are full of new buds and the grass is starting to grow. The main flowers that you can see are the spring bulbs mainly the Tulips and Daffodils. Wonderful gardens to visit for spring colour are Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Hidcote, Upton House and Batsford Arboretum.

Fun activities and Easter egg hunts for children can be found at Hatton Country World, Mary Ardens Farm, Upton House (NT), Charelcote House (NT) and Warwick Castle

Why not come and Visit us at Knightcote Farm and see for yourself!

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Easter with the kids in Shakespeare’s Warwickshire

Is a great place for children to...