Visit baby Stonehenge at the Great Rollright Stones on the Oxfordshire Warwickshire Border in the Cotswolds

Looking for something different to do while you stay with us? Visit the impressive Rollright Stones, like Stonehenge but smaller. Here you can touch, feel and experience the wonder of this ancient monument up close and personal. Also generally very quiet too.

The Rollright Stones is an ancient site located on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border. The complex consists of three main elements, The Kings Men stone circle, the King Stone, and the Whispering Knights.

The Kings Men is a ceremonial stone circle was erected around 2,500BC. Said to be a baby Stonehenge.

A king stone a weathered standing stone. The strange shape of this standing stone (likened to a seal balancing a ball on its nose) has less to do with weathering effects than the destructive habits of 19th century souvenir-hunters (and by legend, cattle drovers who chipped off small pieces to act as lucky charms to keep the Devil at bay). The serious damage caused by such vandalism was one of the reasons why legal protection for ancient remains was introduced in 1882, the Rollright Stones being among the first monuments to be put into the guardianship of the state.

The whispering Knights a 5000 year old burial chamber. The Whispering Knights was probably one the earliest funerary monuments in Britain, perhaps built around 3,800 BC

Why not come and Visit us at Knightcote Farm and see for yourself!

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