Snow in Knightcote Warwickshire

 Snow in Knightcote in Warwickshire
We don’t often get snow in Warwickshire probably just a few days a year and as soon as it falls, it melts and then goes away.
However as I write this the snow is falling. We have had snow for 3 days now and are expected to have more snow falling over the next 2 days.
The cottages are all fully occupied and are nice and warm and cosy. Our guests have full control of the heating so you they can make it as warm as they require it.
Some of our guests are here to play and don’t mind the snow. Obviously snow is a children’s playground, and there are plenty of places that are safe to play in the snow on the farm. We have a selection of sledges too that make it that bit easier and happier to get around.
Other guests we have staying with us are working nearby. We live in a small village with a school bus route passing at the end of the drive, it means that we get fully salted and gritted roads throughout the year when and if required. So in 21 years we have never had to close from disruption of the snow.
However if you are worried about traveling in the snow and would prefer to cancel if it does happen please do take out cancellation cover, so that you have that option.
With thanks to Kerry Gregory for the wonderful footpath bridge photo.

Why not come and Visit us at Knightcote Farm and see for yourself!

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