Opening on 4th July 2020 – since covid-19 lockdown restrictions slightly lifted

We are so pleased to once again be able to open on 4th July 2020 and welcome you back to Arbor Holiday and Knightcote Farm Cottages.

The health and safety while you stay with us is paramount and we have therefore taken advice and all necessary steps to ensure we can offer this as we open.

To achieve this, all cleaning procedures have been adapted and some changes made within properties to help provide a safe property for you to enjoy.

What changes have been implemented?

  • We have implemented a 72 hour gap between bookings. This dramatically reduces the risk of anyone catching or passing it on to another person.
  • We have revamped our cleaning procedures in-line with government advice and purchased products that will kill Covid -19.
  • Ensuring housekeepers are aware of the appropriate PPE and cleaning products while cleaning the property. We will also ensure the recommended cleaning materials are in the property for you to use when in residence.
  • We ask that while you stay with us you follow the general advice by the government, to keep hands clean and ensure social distance between other cottages.
  • Outdoor play equipment is not to be shared between cottages and the playground will only be open if there is only one family going to use it.
  • If at anytime you become poorly during your stay, whether you think it is Covid-19 or not, please let us know immediately and we can put an action plan in place.
  • We would ask that at the end of your stay you place linen in the bags provide, towels in the washing basket and rubbish in the appropriate bins for collection.

As with any time that you plan to take a few days away with us, if you have any questions or requests that would make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable, please get in touch.

Why not come and Visit us at Knightcote Farm and see for yourself!

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