Entries by Fiona Walker

Planting seeds at New House Farm

Normally we would have planted the majority of our crops in the autumn and would have a small amount to plant in the spring. However, this winter has been very cold and wet and drilling has been very much delayed. So all the planting has had to happen this year in the spring. We are […]

Wild flowers at the pond

Today the sun is shining and the sky is a bright blue. The spring flowers around the pond, the runcluars, the primroses and the cowslips have all burst into flower and the show is amazing. The grass is growing quickly and already has had 2 cuts this week. The carp have all emerged from their […]

Frogspawn in our Orchard Carp lake

Look what the warm weather has brought, to our lovely Orchard Carp Lake, a new clump of frogspawn. Frogspawn is made up of thousands of single eggs, each one having a tiny black tadpole embryo surrounded in jelly. The Frogs lay so many eggs beacuse most do not survive to adulthood. From the three thousand eggs that one female lays, only […]

Easter Holidays

The cottages looked fantastic this Easter Holiday. The daffodils and the snow drops outside the cottages looked so inviting and friendly. The lovely welcome packs including our Shaun the sheep packs, home-made Cadbury Chocolate mini-egg biscuits and Lindt chocolate Easter bunnies were a hit with all our young guests and those young at heart. I was also […]

Daffodils at Chestnut Cottage| March 2013

Busy getting the Cottages ready for Spring. We have updated the Bathrooms in Ploughman’s Rest. It now has 2 new contempory bathrooms with a cottage feel. The Lights in the kitchen and the bathroom have also been updated to provide low energy 25 year bulbs. I am very pleased with the amount and quality of light that they […]

Cycling at Knightcote Warwickshire

Cycling is great fun. We have many picturesque  great quiet lanes around the village where you can bike with the family or join up with many national cycle routes that go from us up to Birmingham or south to Shipston on Stour. If you don’t want to bring your own bikes they can be hired and delivered […]