Chesterton Windmill Warwickshire things to do and visit

Chesterton Windmill

  • Erected in 1632 from a design attributed to Indigo Jones.
  • The machinery was extensively modified in 1860 but last used in 1910.
  • Restoration work commenced in 1966 and was completed in 1971.
  • The design of the mill is unique both structurally and mechanically.


 Originally there was a central timber structure containing a staircase and the lower bay of the hoist.

  • Most of the gearing is of timber, two outstanding items being the compass arm fixing of the eight feet diameter brake wheel and the lantern pinion wallower.
  • The millstones are on the first floor set on a timber frame known as a hurst, an arrangement not often found in English windmills. The sails are of the common cloth spread type. The cap is turned into the wind by a hand operated geared winch mounted on the framework in the cap, which engages with a rack located on top of the tower.
  • It is open to view inside 14th and 15th September 2013. It is open once a year, which is  normally the second weekend in September along with other interesting buildings around the country see
  • Open all year to view from the outside. It is a splendid short stroll from the car park to see this beautiful windmill open all year. Great for the little ones. Can be extended easily just follow footpath.
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