Yes Chef Dining – new private chef comes to Arbor Holiday and Knightcote Farm Cottages

Richard Bramble of Yes Chef Dining our new private chef.

Has been in the restaurant business for 20 years, working his way up from pot washer to head chef. With the start of a family he decided he wanted to do something new and now loves preparing meals in people’s home and being our new private chef in our cottages too.




We had a great experience with Richard who came to our home to do a dinner party for six people. The four guests are all sophisticated people who were very impressed. Richards manner is great and he was working in an open plan kitchen/dining area

It was a three course meal, fine dining with an amuse bouche and a sorbet, all great food. It’s my pleasure to give Richard a glowing testimonial. He makes everything so easy. He is brilliant at communication and changing anything in advance, for example allergies and lateness of guests! He comes up with some super menus to accommodate all manner of food intolerance and dislikes.He has catered for me on several occasions to include Sunday lunch, suppers and a full dinner party. 

Richard always arrives on time and leaves my kitchen as spick and span as when he arrived. The food he serves is delicious and well thought out to include seasonal fruit and vegetables. His manner in the kitchen is great as he may be there when the family are still pottering in and out. He doesn’t seem to mind and chats happily with anyone who wants to stop and natter with him. 

Telephone 07564 539926