Ufton Fields Nature Reserve – Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Ufton Fields  is a 75 acre well managed wildlife reserve,  site quarried for limestone in the 1950s, situated just 5 miles away from the cottages

A series of pools have developed in the quarry pits and shallower pools in the troughs in between the soil tips.

There are some Fast-growing, non-native trees in a small area of the site but most was left to recolonise naturally. Common reed, bullrush and greater pondsedge now grow around the edges of the larger pool and there are plenty of flowers in the wetland area.

This site has SSSI status, with 41 species that are nationally scarce with twenty-eight butterfly species, including marbled white and 14 species of dragonfly and damselfly.

It is a great place to walk around, with lots to see and discover. The clearly marked circular footpath is approx 1 mile

Good access for all on the site, but paths can be muddy and undulating.

Car parking free and found in Ufton Fields Lane CV33 9PU

No toilet facilities