Lesiure Centre and swimming pools

We have numerous Leisure Centres and swimming pools and all have good parking.

Banbury Swimming pool is great for everyone.

Banbury outdoor pool with slides is great for a day out in the summer.

Southam swimming pool our nearest pool is great for lane swimming and fun for older children but can be cold and doesn’t have a baby pool. Does have steam room and hot showers.

Leamington Spa, very accessible beach type fun pool. Great fun for small kids who can run in and out of the pool with good slides. Also great for those who find it hard to climb out of a normal swimming pool as you can just walk or be wheeled to get out. Large lane swimming pool can be extremely cold. Does have bubble pool, steam and sweat room for adults

Stratford swimming pool best for babies as has very warm baby pool. Does have separate large swimming pool too.