Easy tips – Cooking a tasty Steak and Kidney pie

1. Start by making the pastry see my blog on how to make easy shortcrust pastry. Keep in a plastic bag in the fridge until required.image

2. Finely chop and lightly cook 2 onions, mushrooms and 1 clove of garlic.image

3. Cut up the beef into large cubes. Coat in salt and pepper seasoned flour. Then fry.

4. Chop up 4 sheep kidneys and remove all white meat and fry.

5. Add 2 beef stock cubes.

5. Add boiling water and a splash of red wine.

6. Add a small sprig of Fresh thyme.


7. Cook either in a slow cooker or in the oven on 150 Oc for 4 hours.

8. Place in a dish and cover with pastry.


9 Decorate the top and cook at 180 0c for 35 minutes and enjoy.